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What is Facebook Watch Time and why do users need it?

What is Facebook Watch Time and why do users need it?

Other than YouTube, where else can you watch videos? You might bring up services like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and others. However, these social media platforms typically feature engaging content. In this situation, people use Facebook, specifically Facebook, to amuse themselves while simultaneously keeping themselves informed of significant events, concerns, and news.

Facebook Watch: What is it?

With the introduction of Facebook Watch in 2017, the platform’s appeal to new audiences increased. The subjects can range from those that deal with social issues to those that are DIY. Most importantly, viewers will have no trouble finding, sharing, and responding to your video content on Facebook Watch. Additionally, consumers have access to any type of video material that Facebook creators upload. You can find the following videos on the platform:

Videos that the platform’s algorithm selected for you as a suggestion from the pages that you follow.

Indeed, Facebook is distinct from other video or live video streaming platforms. Instead of immediately uploading your movie to Facebook Watch, you just publish it on your page to increase interaction and engage with your audience in a way that will increase their response to your video and boost their ranks.

Facebook Watch Time: What is it?

In simple terms, watch time refers to the length of time that your Facebook video’s viewers and potential followers spent watching it. This measure has a similar meaning to the YouTube Watch time metric.

Nearly 3 billion people watch more than 4 billion videos on Facebook. Comparing it to the roughly 2.5 million YouTube watchers shows that it is a sizable number. As a result, Facebook offers users a fantastic opportunity to market their video content, make it stand out, and outperform their rivals by increasing Facebook Watch time.

Why do users need Facebook Watch?

Paying close attention to watch time is crucial because:

demonstrates how engaging your material is for your intended audience;
enhances the interaction with your Facebook videos, the quantity of impressions you get, and the platform reach of your video content;
Gain more exposure: Your work will receive greater exposure and become more popular on Facebook as more people see it;
enhances the analytics of both your Facebook page and profile overall (likes, comments, shares and new followers).

Facebook Watch Time: 11 Ways to Increase Views and Engagement

1. Consistently upload videos to Facebook

Create your own posting schedule and stick to it while posting Facebook videos. It has an impact on your Facebook profile’s discipline and consistency in addition to increasing page views and other forms of engagement. As a result, your target audience will be far more likely to watch your films all the way through, which will increase the amount of time they spend watching them. Think about developing your own content strategy.

3. The resolution of the video

It is obvious that viewers won’t even stick around if your Facebook videos are of bad quality. Make sure you have the proper settings and upload high-quality content to increase your viewing time because doing otherwise will be difficult to follow and wasteful of energy.

4. Locate your special niche

Facebook Watch continues to grow in popularity, but producers are still competing with one another for certain niches. Finding a Facebook specialty that isn’t used by the vast majority of people is something we advise newbies to do. Finding a certain specialty and posting original content are important when you’re just starting out because your profile doesn’t yet have a sizable number of users following you.

5. Place an order via the SMM panel

Using promotion services can help you save a lot of time, get quick service, increase the visibility of your Facebook Videos on the site, and—most importantly—generate organic traffic. Consider SMM panels that support account promotion on any social media platform, such as YouTube. Biz. We provide the best Facebook service available:

Facebook Monetization Watch Time: You’ll increase your Facebook watch time by getting action exclusively from actual individuals who view your video all the way through. You will obtain 10,000 hours as part of this package, which is quite advantageous for your videos, and you will also get global GEO targeting.

We only come up with the most pertinent offerings because we understand how crucial it is for consumers to make their videos credible and recognizable. We streamline the promotion procedure so that it only takes a few clicks for your movies to appear in the recommendations list and draw more users to your profile. Start marketing your Facebook video on Tube right away. Biz!

6. Make videos that can be shared

In the opening of this essay, we mentioned that the first rule of thumb when making videos for Facebook is to provide high-quality content. However, you’re certain to elicit a stronger response from your audience if you combine this tactic with a gripping narrative or message. For instance, your company might promote a cause or incite discussion on a topic that interests your target market. You may also concentrate on posting human interest videos that are humorous or inspirational and are relevant to your brand because these kinds of videos consistently draw millions of views each month (according to our monthly Facebook leaderboard results, at least).

We’re not the only ones who have observed how effectively shareable content increases Facebook shares and engagement. Over 100 million videos on the social network were examined by content analytics startup Buzzsumo, which found that upbeat or hilarious films typically performed the best in terms of views, engagements, and shares. Hacks, tips, and how-to videos are different kinds of videos to take into account, according to data from Buzzsumo. Try out different versions of these films to discover which ones elicit the most interest from your viewers.

7. Improve headlines and thumbnails

It’s no secret that Facebook counts views as beginning three seconds into a user’s video viewing session. Therefore, you must give your viewers a reason to continue watching past the first three seconds if you want to improve your watch duration through interaction and shares. Your videos must begin immediately with captivating visuals, camera angles, colours, and text or speech that speak to the core of the message you’re attempting to convey in order to pique the interest of your audience. Despite Facebook’s default setting of auto-playing sound, it’s especially crucial to focus on making a quality video even if a user’s personal sound setting is disabled for videos.

On a related issue, you have to make sure that the thumbnails for each of your videos grab users’ attention. If the first image viewers see before the movie starts seems unconnected or, worse yet, uninteresting, optimising your video content won’t matter. Making a unique thumbnail for each of your brand’s videos will not only increase the likelihood that viewers will see them as they browse through their feeds, but it will also increase the likelihood that those users will share your video with their friends and family.

8 . Include captions and/or overlay text

Speaking of the first three seconds, it’s important to remember that words have influence even in a visual medium like a Facebook video. Why? In February of this year, Facebook changed the default setting to auto-play sound, but 85% of videos on the platform were still being viewed silently. This statistic has probably not altered much either, given that Facebook ironically observed in February 2016 that 80% of consumers explicitly reacted adversely to auto-play sound in video adverts.

As a result, think about adding subtitles or overlay text to your films to observe how your audience reacts. Users who have disabled auto-play sound will still be able to grasp what your video is about thanks to this word-based method. In fact, Facebook also found that captioned video advertisements increased watch duration compared to non-captioned ads by 12% in February of last year. In essence, you have a better chance of getting your followers to like and share the footage if you don’t offend them. Aside from being courteous, including text or captions for Facebook users who have hearing impairments will boost their likelihood of watching your content.

9. Use advertising to promote

Another easy method to increase the number of people who watch your Facebook videos? Use advertising to promote particular videos. To direct people back to the videos you’re attempting to promote, you can utilise standard Facebook adverts or even construct a video ad. This compensated plan will inevitably increase the number of views on your video, increasing the overall watch time for your brand and broadening your reach. To test whether boosting individual video uploads has an effect on your engagement rates and view time, you can also decide to do so.

The great thing about Facebook ads is how specific you can make your targeting. Consider you are a beverage company looking to promote a film about your newest liqueur flavour. Users who are of legal drinking age, reside in a specific region of the country, and have even indicated interest in alcohol and mixology via their profiles can be targeted with your related video advertisement. You may also decide whether your advertisement should be designed for video views or engagement; test both options to see which one lengthens your viewing duration.

10. Stream live videos

In this article, we’ve discussed how to get more views on Facebook videos by encouraging sharing and interaction. It’s time to briefly discuss live-streaming videos, which can also assist you in increasing the number of viewers of your material. If your company isn’t currently live-streaming to its fans on Facebook, now is the time to start. Many brands already do this.

You can increase interaction and share in real-time with Facebook Live while also developing a closer connection with your audience. Live videos offer numerous opportunities to lengthen your viewing duration. For instance, Social Media Examiner found that going live more regularly on Facebook increased awareness and views for its non-live material. Additionally, because Facebook automatically records and posts your live streams on the page for your brand, you have a built-in way to increase views even after the fact without doing any additional work on your end.

11. Add a call to action button

The final method for increasing engagement and video watch time on Facebook is now at hand. Make sure to include a clear call-to-action that tells viewers what you want them to do next in each and every one of your uploads. A CTA could appear as a mid-roll notification or as some more material in your description (which Wistia discovered has the highest conversion rates out of all CTAs on videos).

Since the purpose of this post was to offer suggestions for increasing view time, think about asking people to share your movies with their social networks in your call-to-actions. Users are more likely to pay attention to your request and share your request if you’ve already implemented many of the suggestions in this post for each of your films. Again, every company has a unique audience, so be sure to pay attention to the CTAs and requests that your viewers respond to and help you achieve the increased engagements, shares, and watch times you’re after.


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